Temperance  Stone


As the founder, Temperance Stone is your lead instructor. She has been practicing holistic healthcare for 10 years, nursing for 12 years, and clinical massage therapy for 10 years. 

Traumatic experiences in life encouraged her to find peace within meditation and yoga.  As a result, she continues to manifest her patient and caring demeanor to share with others how to live their most balanced and best life.

In her spare time, she loves traveling the world with other holistic enthusiasts, mimosa brunches, and the experiences of working with others teaching them to find their balance and zen. Her goal is to make wellness training and services accessible to communities of color all over the world. 

Other business entities include:

The Team

The team consists of holistic health practitioners, awesome teachers and you.
We offer massage therapy services, yoga classes and certification programs.

Ashley Adams

Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer

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CoCo Williams

Dean of Busines & Personal Development



Retreat Concierge

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Studio Member

The Mission

Black Zen Academy is a wellness collective that focuses on bringing opportunities to people that are seeking to experience community, culture, and career training helping them develop a balanced life.